Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ruh Roh.... Saito Exhaust Problem...

I have a Saito 100 I've had for several years. It's been a great engine, and has had it's share of abuse, including a straight in crash when a flight battery failed. I never noticed a problem until last week when I was out flying with a friend. I thought I saw something moving around below the engine area, so I did a slow, low flyby. Sure enough, it was the muffler canister dangling around, hanging on by the tank pressure line.

After landing, I discovered the head pipe had broken off, just past the lock nut on the engine side of the pipe.

The thread is m12 x 1.0. So, I'm now on a mission to locate a die to rethread an unused portion of the pipe and put it back in service. I'll update this, once I locate a die and hopefully make the repairs :-)

Dave AMA 119484