Monday, August 18, 2014

Recovering History, before it's gone forever...

As I've gotten older, I've found that I am somewhat more interested in history. Family history, history of our country, history of radios, ... anything historical. A few years ago, I started collecting info about the RDRC club. There was a lot of supposition about the origins of the club, the year is was started, etc.

As time moved along, several of the guys in the club located info, talked to older members who are no longer active, dug up old photos, found newspaper clippings, etc. As an example, is was common "knowledge" that the club started in 1962 and had use 3 different flying sites over the years. After this work started coming together, it was discovered that the club was actually founded in 1958, and had had at least 8 different flying sites over the years. The more we uncovered, the more we realized the importance of documenting everything as best we could, before this historical data was forever lost.

So, enter my poor attempt at a website. It's not some new whiz-bang technology, but it does begin to document and archive some of this info. Please visit the archive site and click the RDRC HISTORY link in the LH menu. This is a work in progress, but there's lots of great info buried in there! Here's the link:

Dave AMA119484