Friday, April 22, 2022

SD Models 35% Yak 54

Chris picked up a SD Models 35% Yak 54 at the RDRC swap meet. It was in pretty good shape, but needed a few things here and there. Chris wanted to add canisters to it to quieten it down a touch, and upgrade the electronics a bit. 

Once he got into the electronics, he discovered a receiver problem. We ran over to Raleigh Hobby and got a new receiver, batteries, and some other goodies. Chris got the electronics updated and operational. 

Next, the DLE-111 was having some trouble. We discovered the carb was plugged up with old fuel residue, and seemed to be missing some parts. We cleaned the carb and installed a rebuild kit. No luck...Rod, a member of RDRC, had a DLE carb he sold to Chris, and it worked perfectly! 


Chris wanted to quieten the engine a bit, so he sourced a set of canisters from another local, modified the fuselage, and got those installed.


She's finished! Chris got a few flights in on it, and everything worked correctly. Now, to get it back to him at home in Indiana, so he can get some serious stick time in on it. This was a fun project and it was great to be around with my oldest son as he had a chance to have some RC fun after many years!


Saturday, April 16, 2022

RDRC Spring Fly-in, 4/16/2022

 The RDRC Spring Fly-In was on 4/16, and good weather prevailed. Chris and I attended, and had a great time hanging out with everyone. Delicious concessions were available,  so we didn't go hungry :-) . Some cool control line action was also on site. Mark Farmer won the grand prize, his pic is in here, somewhere. We're looking forward to the next event! Here's a few pics, as well as a few short videos.