Monday, January 28, 2019

More battery problems, Kadet Senior...

Wow...I've been working on these airplanes since back in November of 2018. When you stop flying for a few years, everything goes bad. I've repaired my portable glow driver, my power panel, my electric starter, my fuel pump, and pretty much all of the batteries in all of my airplanes. Oh well, at least it's winter and I have time to do it. When I pulled the Sig Kadet Senior down, I discovered a bunch of problems...bad flight battery, leaky fuel tank, and a broken exhaust header on the engine. Here, you'll see the bad battery and the packing from around the fuel tank that shows the evidence of a fuel tank leak. Hopefully, by the time warm weather is here, I'll be all repaired and ready to's a few pics from the tear down of my Senior. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My Sharper Image DX-4 Drone

Debbie got this for me on my birthday, in 2016. I still have it, and it still flies great with the little built-in 3.7vdc 800mah internal battery. This is a basic entry level drone without GPS, but it does have a 3mp camera built in, and streams back to the phone on WiFi. 


It flies about 8-10 minutes on a charge. After poking around a bit, I see where folks are piggy-backing a 12mah 1 cell battery on the bottom and pushing flights out to about 15 minutes. This thing is a blast to fly in the yard. Gotta figure out how to have my phone not disconnect from it and reconnect to the home WiFi when the signal from the drone is a little sketchy. Once I get up near the top of my ham radio tower, it tries to reconnect to the home WiFi and stops recording...trivial, and I haven't put my effort into a fix :-) I guess I could just delete the home WiFi log in stuff from the phone when I'm playing with it...just an idea.


Considering my lame drone flying skills, this sweetie will keep me entertained for a long time. It's easy to fly, hovers nicely, does a few stunts, and is pretty fast. Below are also a few cheesy videos I made with it...