Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hangar 9 Glow Fuel Pump Repaired...

I had a bit of time to dig into the pump I mentioned in my previous blog. It's really a pretty simple pump, once you get inside. There were a few screws to remove, and the case popped open. The pump is loosely coupled to the motor as seen in the photos below. The drive disc on the pump unit had come loose from the shaft... I cleaned the shaft and the hole in the drive disc with alcohol, let it dry, dabbed a small drop of thick CA in the hole on the drive disc, shoved it onto the shaft, and kicked it with CA accelerator. The pump was snapped back into the enclosure and engaged with the motor, and the case reassembled. I pumped fuel in and out of the flight box tank several times, and all seems well. Time to move on to the next piece of broken flight gear. It's amazing how many things go bad when you don't use them for a while!  :-)


Dave AMA119484