Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another one pulled from the dust!

Here's another bird that's been unused and hanging in the ceiling for at least 2 years. It's called "Lucky 13" and was sold by East RC for several years ( It has a 64" wingspan, a flat bottom airfoil, and weighs about 5-1/2 lbs. I set this on up with a Hang-It RC XTRM 3520/06 motor, 12 x 6 e-prop, and fly it on a 4 cell 4000mah LiPO. It flies very scale-like on 4 cells. I've seen others with a similar setup and 5 cells, and it would fly straight up, out of sight.

I put a new 5 cell 3000mah NiMH receiver battery in it before it was stored (it needed the nose weight in my setup, anyway), and now it only cycles at about 1100 I guess it's time for a new flight battery. Oh well, it's still good for a flight or so, as long as i watch the charge closely. A new flight battery is on the "to get" list for this beast. Here's a few pics...

This is a 800rpm/volt motor, and swings a 12x6 like a .50ish sized glow motor. 

I added some color to the wing to help with visibility, using some scrap monokote I had laying around, and used the iron on about 225 degrees. 

It breaks down for transport pretty easily, and the wing also comes in half from it's internal round aluminum wing tube. 

A pic showing the tip of the wing & airfoil profile. 

Time to get back to work...maybe I'll have a day off soon to actually get out and fly this airplane! :-)

Dave AMA119484