Saturday, June 18, 2022

Airplane Hauler project now on the road!

 The Airplane Hauler is on the road, 11 days after arriving in my yard as rolling junk. Piles of stuff was removed, rolling gear serviced and updated, leaky things fixed, lid mechanism designed and built, interior layout completed, and other misc things outlined in previous blogs done. My old 2002 Ford Escape with 300,000+ miles is very happy that it pulls effortlessly. I can easily see out of the back window and over the top of the trailer, that was an unexpected plus!

Now, it's on to a little cosmetic stuff, but overall, it's ready to use! I'm working on ideas for some vinyl and such. New LED tail lights and tires will be ordered this coming week, and it's time to go flying!! Here's a few pics of it behind the truck.