Sunday, June 19, 2022

Airplane Hauler project, pg 9... cont'd

I got a few more finishing touches completed on the interior of the Airplane Hauler, yesterday. After a 40 mile test pull this past Friday ago while running errands, I found a few minor bugs. Nothing major, but stuff that needed to be addressed. I also had an old flag from my late Mom, that I wanted to add to the interior. Here's a few pics and info...


I discovered the locations I chose to hook the little bungees across the wheels, to secure them in the wheel chocks, were incorrect. the airplanes has all shifted around in the trailer. I didn't want that, so I addedsmall cup hooks on either side and that worked much better.

I use a pair of metal cash boxes to store my lipos, nicads, etc. One for charged, one for discharged. Those things were sliding all around and trying to be annoying, so a shelf was installed on the front rack and they were screwed to it.

My Mom always loved her US Flags. This was an old one she had changed out for a new, larger flag at her home, and she gave it to me. I didn't really want it out in the weather, since it is old and beginning to wear, so I installed it in the lid so it would always be with me when I'm out and having RC fun. Added a nice bit of color to the interior, too.

I'm always digging around for a bag of charge cords for the airplanes and transmitters. I screwed a Tupperware bowl to the rear rack and stuffed then all inside. Now, I just pop the lid and they're right there, ready for use.

Another pic of the flag. It was a little breezy when I installed it, and the bottom was gently blowing in the wind. A little bit of Mom will be there with me.


 I'm searching about for a local pinstiper who can do old school hand pin striping. I'd like to get some done to the side panels and around the doors before I start applying exterior artwork to this old girl.