Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Airplane Hauler project, pg 3... cont'd

 Work is still moving along on the Airplane Hauler project. I modified a set of barn door hinges for the lid, used the carbide disc saw to remove some protruding aluminum extrusion from the upper cabinet, and got the lid hinged. I'm now searching for a pair of lift cylinders to assist with opening the lid and with holding it up, once open. I have to return to the hardware storage to obtain better bolts to permanently secure the new hinges, I used what I had on hand to keep the project moving and get the hinging worked out. 

Above you can see the lid hinged and partially lifted for testing. I'll try to remove that small amount of green finish and then use an etching brightener on the body to lighten it up a bit.

Here's a pic from the other side, you can see my wooden props temporarily holding the lid up. I'm thinking of fabricating a wing rack on the far wall, and maybe in the lid.