Sunday, June 12, 2022

Airplane Hauler project, pg 5... cont'd

 A few more items for the Airplane Hauler were finished, today. I started the exterior cleanup. I'm waiting on ome aluminum brightener...I ordered some AC Coil cleaner to try on the body, we'll see how that goes when it arrives. The photo below show the body, and the top hinge looks crooked. Weird, because it's perfectly straight in the real world. That must be some sort of camera magic going on in the photo :-)


 I got the front patch panel caulked, including all of the screws around it's perimeter. I calked much of it from the inside, I didn't want another large bead of caulk on the outside of the body.

 The front portion of the frame, the tongue of the trailer, got a fresh coat of black chassis paint. The freshened up that part of the trailer. I may install one of the aluminum chassis storage boxes up front in this area, we'll see how I'm doing on storage space, once the trailer is completed.


 The latches for the top were kind of a mess, but I wanted to try and save them, if possible. Once removed from the trailer, all of the old caulk was scraped away. The old locking hardware was removed and saved. There was lots of rust scale to scrape off, and some of the housings had to be straightened a bit. Overall, they were in condition to be painted and reused. I was lucky to find the exact locking mechanism at Lowe's with matching keys, so I bought a set of 4 for the rebuild.